Last day

Today is our last day at the camp. In the morning we woke up a little tired after the last night party. We had breakfast and it was yummy! After that, we finished doing the dossiers, tidied up our bedrooms and packed our bags. Then we presented our projects in front of everybody. The monitors gave us a certificate and we gave them medals. Before lunch, we played a game about rivers. We had a delicious and special lunch and then we had some free time and gave a medal and said thank you to the staff of Can Sans. Finally, we waited for the bus and went back to school. It was a very nice experience and a beautiful camp. We love it!!

By Nina Taulina and Berta Bota

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Third day

Thursday 5th of April in the morning we woke up at 8:00 and we got dressed. Then we went to have breakfast in the dining room. We had cereal, milk and toast with butter and jam. Later we celebrated Mass. It was very musical because Talita Creta played the violin and Carla Hernando played the trumpet. Then we continued doing some activities from the dossier.

By Helena Jiménez

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In the afternoon, each different colour group prepared a project that consists of how saving water. Then, we had a snack and practiced for the night talent show.

By Mar Canals.


At night, we did a talent show. It was very funny. Everybody did a group presentation and we were the audience. Then, we danced with the monitors and we went back to our rooms to continue the party.

By Bruna Coll.

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We saw a salamander walking on the stairs outside the house!

Second day

We had a very nice experience with Home to Home. On Wednesday the 4th we went for a hike to the town. It was very beautiful because we went through lots of beautiful fields, with flowers and wild life.
When we got to the town we did some work in our dossiers. Then we did a gymkhana about the town, which incluided questions and finding the answer.
We had fun.
Then at 1mp we went back to the house.
By Anna Carlón

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Total English camp is the best camp ever.
Wednesday 4th of April was the birthday of a monitor called Arrian, and it was a lot of fun. We went hiking to the town for all the morning, we went to a park and we did the dossier. To finish we did a treasure hunt. We came back and had a break and continued with an experiment and we played games. The games consisted of baseball, football and basketball. We played each game for 20 minutes each and against each colour group. It was so exciting to play against friends and in the sun. It was a beautiful day!

By Talita Creta


After dinner at 9:30 we played a night game called “Hierarchy”. At the beginning of the game you start being a seaweed and the objective is to turn into the queen of the sea: a whale. To do so, you have to challenge other people and beat them to get their card. There’s a board that shows all the equivalences. You have to gather 3 seaweed cards to become a sardine. With two sardine cards and one seaweed card you turn into a jellyfish. With two jellyfish cards and one sardine you turn into a shark. Finally, when you get a seaweed, a sardine, a jellyfish and a shark card, you can become a whale. We were working individually but at the same time in teams. We found out that if we worked all together for the same objective, we got to become a whale more easily. In the end, the yellow team won the game gathering 21 whales.

By Meritxell Gutiérrez

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First Day

Today is our first day of the Home to Home experience. The  weather is wonderful and the food too.
Our monitors are lots of fun. They are from different places around the world: Fabiana is Irish, Arrian is American,Katy is English, Caroline and Suz are Swedish , Krystyana is from the Ukraine and Claudine is from Cameroon. We are getting to know them while doing fun activities.

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Total English Camp: material to bring

The week in which your daughters will be participating in TOTAL ENGLISH CAMP, an activity which the English and Formation Departments have been preparing with enthusiasm.

We are contacting you to make some aspects clearer.

–      As we told you, the students will be dealing with a curricular topic of science, The Water and Plants.

–      The list of material they need is attached below.

–      The students should bring their breakfast for the first day.

–      We would like to remind you that students MUST NOT bring their mobile phone or other electronic devices that will not favour cohabitation with their classmates.

–      We will keep you updated through the school website.

–      If you need to speak with your daughters for important reasons, you may contact the following number 638 97 54 33, you may also phone Les Alzines during lesson hours or you may phone the camp house (972 49 70 60).

–      Next week you will receive the schedule and activities for that week.

Finally, we would like to rmeind you that it is vital that all the students have their original health card, not a photocopy of it.



▪              Clothes for every day and an extra change. These should be appropriate for the weather and place (comfortable, sporty, a tracksuit or similar)

▪              The school tracksuit (they will need one of the days)

▪              Sleeping bag

▪              Sheet-liner and pillow cover

▪              Jacket and warm clothes (see weather forecast)

▪              Underwear for every day

▪              Pyjamas

▪              Toilet bag with:

▪  Soap and shampoo

▪   Comb or hair brush

▪  Toothpaste

▪   Toothbrush

▪   Towel

▪   Flip-flopsTissues

▪              Rain jacket

▪              Comfortable shoes (the pair they’ll be wearing and an extra pair)

▪              Cap

▪              Water bottle

▪              Torch with batteries

▪              Sun screen (see weather forecast)

▪              Bag to keep dirty clothes

▪              Small bag

▪              Notebook, pencil case with crayons, felt-tip pens, scissors, glue…

▪              Mosquito repellent (if you consider it necessary)



▪              Students need to bring the original HEALTH CARD

▪              Everything should be duly marked with the students’ names


As we informed you, your daughters will have the opportunity to take part in TOTAL ENGLISH CAMP, where they will be able to spend a week outside school speaking in English exclusively. It is a very well-thought activity that we hope will help them improve the oral competence.

This activity is inside the English teaching project but it is also a part of the student formation plan of Les Alzines.

We believe that spending 4 days of total English immersion will be extremely beneficial for students, both for oral communication and personal growth and improvement of virtues like friendship, companionship, generosity, obedience or personal autonomy and we hope everyone can participate.

They will be assisted at all times by native teachers as well as their tutors and English teachers.

All this will be done through a curricular topic of Science, The Water and Plants.

Home to Home (a business which is devoted to the development of educational programme) is in charche of the programming of activities done over these 4 days, the native teachers and the camp house.

We will be leaving school on Tuesday the 3rd of April at 9 in the morning and we will be coming back on Friday the 6th of April at 4:30pm so that the students can take the school bus. The camp house is “Can Sans de Fallines” (Viladesens), 25 km away from Girona.



Students CANNOT bring their phones or other devices that don’t favour student cohabitation. If you need to communicate with your daughters you may contact us to a number we will give you days prior to the camp.

Students need to wear their street clothes. Over the next days we will inform you about the schedules, activities and necessary material.

Depending of the number of students who do not attend Total English Camp there will be different activities in the school so that they can prepare the same topic in a different way.

We would be grateful if your daughters returned the  form signed before the 9th of March.